An Actor prepares… as does a Casting Agent

When I have ever faced a challenging situation – an audition, interview or major life decision, my father would always say these words:

‘Get all the information before you move forward’.

So, I have applied this advice to every aspect of my life and never so much as to the role of casting agent.  I research and reach out every day to casting directors, directors, and producers on behalf of the actors we represent (age 4-76!)

I read every piece of industry press I can find.  I follow every casting director’s twitter account, instagram account and facebook feed. 

We are registered with Spotlight and we are active members of online casting agent support groups.  

We are always working for our actors, and as a consequence we are always ready when casting directors send out those calls. We pride ourselves on being excellent communicators, and apply the highest professional standards to everything we do.

We would advise our actors to do the same.  

Keep ahead of the game. Make those contacts. Keep an ear to the ground when it comes to upcoming productions. We can act upon any tips that you might hear on your behalf.  Yes, it’s our job to find opportunities for you, but if you are proactive in your approach to your love of acting, then we will make an amazing team……..