Height: 186cm

Hair Colour: Grey

Eye Colour: Brown

Age: 71


2022, ‘Hope’ – Short Film – Ram Productions 

2022, ‘A Message To Myslef’ – AandM Productions 


Am Dram whilst serving in the Armed Forces 1971 -1986;

In Berlin:

Peter Puller in Shock Tactics – John Dole

Prisoner in After the Rain – John Bowen

Julian Christophoru in Public Eye – Peter Shaeffer

In Maastricht Holland;

Mon Boniface in Hotel Paradiso – Georges Feydeau and Maurice Desvallières’

Tommy in Hasty Heart – Patrick John

The Inn Keeper in Running Riot – Derek Benfield

Two Pantomimes – minor parts

In Verden Germany

Tommy Gander in The Ghost Train – Arnold Ridley

Abanazer in Aladdin – Pantomime

Brutus in Hail Caesar – Peter Shaeffer

In Huntingdon

Doctor in The Imaginary Invalid – Moliere

Secretary in a play about Kim Philby

In Cyprus: Open air theatre Curium

King Alonso in The Tempest – W Shakespeare

Bottom in Midsummer Night’s Dream – Ditto

Left the Armed Forces in 2007 and became a Civil Servant in Germany until 2015

Osnabruck English Language Theatre – Senor Paravicini in The Mousetrap – Agatha Christy

Osnabruck English Language Theatre – Lord Caversham in An Ideal Husband – Oscar Wilde

Osnabruck English Language Theatre – Lord Holmwood in Dracula – Bram Stoker

Osnabruck English Language Theatre – Running Riot as Director and Innkeeper

Bielefeld University English Language Theatre – Bottom in MND (Reprise)

Bielefeld University English Language Theatre – Rev Hale in The Crucible – Arthur Miller

Bielefeld University English Language Theatre – Jewish entrepreneur-The Street Walker – Play written locally

2015 Belfast:

Extra in Game of thrones Series 5 and Series 7 (The last series).  Small walk in part; no speaking

Extra in Derry Girls

Extra in Mother’s Day

Extra in Dublin Murders

Chorus in The Burial at Thebes Aug/Sep 2021

Mob Leader in Over the Bridge Feb/Apr 2022

Filmed on 24 Mar 2022 – Dad in TV film ‘Hope’ still under production

Voiceover for Message to myself 23 Jun 22


Accents & Dialects: (* = native) German (Fluent)/French (Colloquial)/Dutch (Passable)/Some Italian/Irish (Cupla Focal)

Skills: Weapon handling (Firearms); All aspects of Military life