Height: 142 cm

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Age: 12


Featured Child in BBC Teach Explain This (January 2020) 

Featured in the following episodes:

-Science KS1 The Plant Life Cycle
-Geography KS1/KS2: Cities, towns and villages

Design and Technology KS2 Stronger Structures

-Design and Technology KS 2 Axels

-Geography KS1/KS2 – Climate
Shelley Lowry Production of ‘Eighty-Nine’ Armagh Marketplace Theatre 2019.


Attends The Shelley Lowry School and studies Acting and Speech and Drama classes. 


Trinity College London 2016 – Entry Level Award in Graded Examination in Speech and Drama / Initial Speech and Drama 

Trinity College London 2017 – Grade 1 Examination in Speech and Drama

Trinity College London 2018 –Grade 2 Speech and Drama 

University of West London 2018 – Music Theatre (LCM) – Step 

Trinity College London 2019 – Grade 3 Speech and Drama 

Trinity College London – 2020 – Grade 4 Speech and Drama


Accents & Dialects: (* = native) *Northern Irish, English RP, American-standard.