Height: 162cm

Hair Colour: Red/Titian

Eye Color: Blue

Age: 17

Julia McGrogan

Julia is a young actor based in Belfast.

She has been participated very successfully in Speech & Drama Festivals and exams since age 3 and recently obtained Distinction in her Grade 6 exam

Over the years Julia has really enjoyed acting in various local short films and student films.

2022: Someone Else’s Future – Swearing Teenager – Director Frank Quinn

2019: My Favourite Paul – Child – Director Rebekah Davis

2018: NICIE Documentary – Chanting teenager – Director Loraa White

2018: BBC Terrific Scientific – Speaking participant – Director Aisling Gallagher

2017: Sparrow – Child at Party – Director Rebekah Davis

2017: Zoo – Child – Director Colin McIvor

2016: The Jar – School Pupil – Director Carlton Rogers