Height: 180cm

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Age: 18


Lewis McAskie is a talented young actor from Belfast.

Having developed a love for performing and acting from a young age participating in various productions at Belvoir Players Academy, he successfully auditioned for a number of film and tv roles as a teenager. He has performed in (and recently co-directed) a number of school productions and currently continues to study Drama at A-level.

Lewis’ most notable credits include:

2023 (post-production) – ‘Stranger with a Camera’ (‘The Sniper’s Daughter’) – Feature Film, Role: young Mossy, Dir: Oorlagh George, Prod: Fizzblister Films

2021 – ‘Belfast’ – Feature Film, Role: Will, Dir: Sir Kenneth Branagh, Prod: Lizziepop

2021 – ‘Ted’s Top Ten’ – CiTV series, one episode, Role: Large Librarian, Prod: Zodiac Kids

2021 – ‘Here Before’ – Feature Film, Role: Tadgh, Dir: Stacey Gregg, Prod: Here Before Ltd.