Height: 185cm

Hair Colour: Auburn/Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Playing Age: 26-32 years

Film & TV

‘In the Land of Saints and Sinners’ 2022, Role of Séamus, Dir: Robert Lorenz

‘Shadow and Bone’ 2022, Role of Halsov, 21 Laps Entertainment & Netflix

‘Dungeons & Dragons’ 2021, Role of Presto the Magician, Dir: John Daley & Jonathan Goldstein

‘Hope Street’ 2021, Role of Eddie

‘Just Johnny’ 2021, Role of Stephen, Dir: Terry Loane

‘An Irish Goodbye’ 2021, Role of Turlough, Dir: Tom Berkeley & Ross White

‘Mandrake’ 2020, Role of Thomas, Dir: Lynne Davison

‘The Northman’ 2020, Role of Audunn, Dir: Robert Eggers

‘Stranger with a Camera’ 2020, Role of Ginger, Dir: Oorlagh George

‘The night is black and the day is white’ 2018, Role of Father, Dir: Joe McStravick

‘Game of Thrones’ 2018, role of Fergus, Dir: Various

‘Agatha and the truth of murder’ 2018, Role of PC Spencer, Dir: Terry Loane

‘Game of Thrones’ 2017, Role of Fergus, Dir: Various

‘Zoo’ 2016, Role of Sol, Dir: Colin McIvor

‘Dinosaurs’ 2016, Role of Ivan, Dir: Chris Baugh

‘My Mother and other Strangers’ 2016, Role of Davey Hanlon, Dir: Tony Devlin

‘Dust’ 2016, Role of Henry, Dir: Tony Butler

‘Every Breaking Wave’ 2016, Role of Sean, Dir: Aiofe McArdle

‘The Captors’ 2015, Role of Eddie, Dir: Chris Baugh

‘Vultures’ 2015, Role of Sean, Dir: Joe McStravick

‘6 Degrees 3’ 2015, Role of Gary Meadows, Dir: Declan Recks/Andrea Harkin

‘Offsides’ 2013, Role of Young Man, Dir: Oorlagh George

‘On the road home’ 2013, Role of Glen, Dir: Richard Crawford

‘6 Degrees 2’ 2013, Role of Gary Meadows, Dir: Paul O’Riordan

‘6 Degrees’ 2011, Role of Gary Meadows, Dir: Paul O’Riordan



‘Sylvan’ 2021, Role of Paul, Dir:Patrick J. O’Reilly

‘A Streetcar named Desire’ 2019, Role of Harold ‘Mitch’ Mitchell, Dir: Emma Jordan

‘Translations’ 2019, Role of Manus, Dir: Ian Rickson

‘Translations’ 2018, Role of Manus, Dir: Ian Rickson

‘The Faerie Thorn’ 2017, Role of  Man Donaghy, Dir: Zoe Seaton

‘Che Guevara’s Night Off’ 2016, Role of Fitz, Dir: Tony Ivan

‘Mojo Mickybo’ 2015, Role of Mickybo, Dir: David Grant

‘100 Years and Counting’ 2014, Role of Declan, Dir: Philip Orr

‘Unhome’ 2014, Role of X/Fred, Dir: Michael Duke

‘Mojo Mickybo’ 2013, Role of Mickybo, Dir: David Grant

‘The Clearing’ 2013, Role of Pierce, Dir: Patricia Kessler

‘Breathing Water’ 2012, Role of Comic

‘Dr. Faustus’ 2012, role of Faustus, Dir: Patsy Hughes

‘The Man Who’ 2012, Role of The Man




Accents & Dialects: (* = native) Irish North/South*, English North/South, Scottish, American Standard/Southern.

Other Skills: Driving, Horse Riding, Archery, GAA Hurling/Football.


Queens University of Belfast, Drama Studies 2008-2011