Height: 181cm

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Playing Age: 20-35 Years


Themba is an actor and a represented model, originally from Hwange, Zimbabwe living in Belfast for the past seventeen years.

He is currently training with IDSA London, with a multiple short term in-person courses in NI with local Irish teachers including Des Flemming, Diane Graham & Rosie Pelan.

Themba has appeared in multiple short films, photoshoots and commercials throughout his career.

He professionally trained and experienced Clinical Research and Research & Development scientist.

His most notable credits include:

‘Far Away’ 2023, Role of Waiter, Dir: Nathaniel McCullagh

‘Listen In’ 2023, Role of Producer, Dir: Cal Bradley

‘Better Before’ 2023, Role of Charlie, Dir: Niall McCloskey

‘Outsider’ 2022, Role of Isaac, Dir: Darren Loughlin

‘Black and Northern Irish Documentary’, 2022, Dir: Lindsay Duke & Tolu Ogunware

‘Zone 414’ 2021, Role of Model Synthetic Human, Dir: Andrew Baird

‘Paddy Raff Show’ 2021, Role of Airline Passenger, Dir: Jason Butler

‘Krypton Season 1’ 2018, Role of Rankless Engineer, Dir: Julius Ramsay