Height: 193cm

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Playing Age: 45-65 

Film & TV

‘The Deceived’, Role of Dr. Linchan, Dir: Markus Cook

‘Grainne Uaile’, Role of Lord Brendan, Dir: Ciaron Davies

‘The Deal Breaker’, Role of George Entwistle, Dir: Ciaran Davies

‘The Woman in White’, Role of Mr. Merriman’s Messenger, Dir: Carl Tibbetts

‘6 Feet Below Hell’, Role of Morris Pinckney, Dir: William Lee

‘The Frankenstein Chronicles’, Role of Parish Watchman, Dir: Alex Gabassi

‘The Secret’, Role of Senior Investigating Officer, Dir: Nick Murphy

‘BBC Spotlight’, Role of Legal Advisor Medical Council, Dir: Jeremy Adams

‘Lusitania: 18 Minutes TCTW’, Role of George Hook, Dir: David Starkey

Music Videos

Song, Artist
Won’t Go Down, Triona

Don’t Forget Me, Melissa Jane Carroll

Decay, Hot Cops

Cleave, Matua Trap


Irish Tourist Board

Monroe’s Theatre

Mid-Ulster Tourism Council

Hughes Insurance

Kerry Foods

Dale Farms


Skills: Military Training, Firearms Trained, Police Procedural Training, Police Driver Trained
Full – Clean Driving License